If you’ve recently upgraded to iOS6 and Vaper is getting slower and slower, the following may help you:


Many users have noticed significant slow downs in many of the apps they use on a regular basis: try searching for ‘iOS6 slow’ on Google and follow the links.  In Vaper, you may notice that the user interface gets slower and slower to respond, the longer you use the app.

  • A fix/workaround is currently being tested and will soon be available as a free update via the AppStore.
  • Apple is working on a bug-fix/update to iOS6 which will also be available soon and may help many users.

In the meantime, if you’re finding that Vaper (or any other app) is running painfully slow, you can try a force-quit of the app followed by restarting it.  To ‘Force-Quit’:

  1. go to the Home screen (the one with all the app icons on it)
  2. double click the Home button (the one at the bottom of the screen)
  3. find Vaper on the bottom line of the screen – touch and hold the icon until it starts wiggling
  4. click the red ‘minus’ on the top left hand side of the wiggling icon
  5. press the Home button again (to stop all the icons wiggling)

Now restart Vaper.  Not exactly convenient, but at least it gets things moving again until the (soon to arrive) update.


UPDATE:  the latest version of Vaper (available as a free upgrade from the AppStore) fixes this problem.