Vaper Logbook

Vaper Logbook

Available for iOS

Vaper is an electronic logbook/caselog for Anaesthesia.

Intuitive user interface allows rapid data entry while you work.  No need to enter case details at the end of a busy working day.  Innovative features to speed up case entry in rapid turnover (eye, ‘scopes) lists.


Designed by an anaesthetist, for anaesthetists – data entry in Vaper parallels how you think about giving an anaesthetic.

Separate patient, anaesthesia and procedure screens enable you to enter information quickly.

And neat features – such as the ability to copy relevant details of an existing case into a new record – speed up data entry allowing you to log cases as you work.  No need to struggle over remembering details at the end of a busy day.

View statistics on-device easily.  Or export them by email to any valid email address with a single touch.  The report is already formatted and can be opened up by any spreadsheet programme (Excel, Numbers) for further editing.

Security is important – so your data is only stored on the device itself.  No anonymous web-servers or ftp sites.  When you sync your device to your PC via iTunes, the data is backed up onto your PC automatically.

This backup cannot be read by people with access to your PC but is available to restore onto any new iOS device you acquire.  So you can always recover your data if your device is lost or stolen.