It’s now been 3 months since the release of Vaper 2.0 so it seems like a good time for a roundup of what’s been happening.

The latest release has been taken up avidly with the app now rising into the top 50 medical paid apps on the App Store.  Thank-you all for the extremely positive reviews and ratings (currently sitting at 4.5 stars).

Thanks also for the excellent feedback for modifications and new features in future versions.  Your comments are all heard and put into a ‘things-to-add-to-Vaper’ spreadsheet for new releases.

There has been some confusion about the new ‘Reports’ tab.  This tab now allows you to both create and view reports from Vaper (the old version had different tabs for creating and viewing reports).  The old ‘Statistics’ tab is now incorporated within the ‘Reports’ tab – but all the old reports are still available (Reports -> Statistics).

To the old-style reports has been added an ‘Automated Report’ which neatly summarises your clinical experience.  There have been some excellent suggestions for additions to this ‘Automated Report’ which will be included in the next release.  If you would like to make suggestions for the ‘Automated Report’, please let us know.

Another change has been that the reports are now been produced in HTML format.  This allows the report to be opened by more programmes (browsers, spreadsheets, text-editors, html editors, web-page editors) on more platforms (Mac, Windows, Unix, Linux).

Unfortunately, Apple’s ‘Numbers’ programme is currently unable to open HTML documents.  If you are a Mac user and don’t have Office, there is an easy workaround.  If this is a major hassle, the old-style report can be reintroduced in future versions so feel free to let us know.