Even though your patient records are backed up to your PC every time you ‘sync’ to iTunes, you weren’t able to easily see the database file (as it was encrypted and stored within iTunes’ own backup system).

Until now.  From Vaper 1.1.6 onwards, you can now access your database file:

Connect your iPhone to your PC/iTunes and sync.  Then:
  1. Single click your iPhone, under ‘Devices’ in the iTunes window
  2. Select ‘Apps’ on the menu towards the top of the iTunes window
  3. Select ‘Vaper’ under Apps towards the bottom of the iTunes window
  4. Your database is in the ‘Vaper Documents’ window
You can now drag the database from the ‘Vaper Documents’ window and store it in a safe place on your computer.  This file can be reloaded on any other iOS device that has Vaper installed on it.  Or just store it for extra security.