It’s been a fair while since the last update to Vaper (April 2011) but there have been some exciting new developments and features added to the programme.  Although there have been many additions and improvements, here is a quick walk through of the top nine features added to Vaper 2.0.  Make sure to backup your database before upgrading.



1. Password protection

Set a passcode that protects your sensitive patient data from prying eyes.  see video…

2. Automated reporting

Enter your personal details and select the dates that you want to analyse. Or choose to analyse your whole logbook. Touch one button and – hey presto – Vaper generates a complete report of your practice activity. The report can be viewed on your device or easily sent by email and can be viewed by any browser or a suitable spreadsheet programme (like Excel).  see video… 

3. Patient histories

You can now quickly enter important points of your patient’s history – neatly divided into Cardiac, Respiratory, Medications and Other. Once patient history has been entered, see a summary of all important features with a single touch.  see video…

4. Improved user lists

We have been listening to your feedback. Now you can link a speciality to surgeons and the procedures they perform. Then, when you choose a speciality, only the surgeons and procedures linked to that speciality appear – making it easy and quick to make the appropriate choice.  see video…

5. Better bookmarks

Not only do the bookmarks look better, they perform better too. In addition to bookmarking a case, simply double-tap on the bookmark to choose why you want to remember it. Perhaps it was an interesting case, or a complication for follow-up. A number on the bookmark indicates how many reasons you had for remembering the case.  see video…

6. Searching

A new Search tab allows you to search for names, medical record numbers or notes that you’ve entered about a case.

7. Faster age entry

Don’t want to enter the date of birth? You no longer have to. Simply enter the age by entering a number and choosing ‘Days’, ‘Months’ or ‘Years’. Vaper will still analyse the age in its automated reports.

8. Telephone calling

If your device is capable of making telephone calls and you have recorded a telephone number for your patient, just tap on the telephone icon to automatically initiate a call.

9. Improved UI

Many tweaks and improvements to the user interface make Vaper the easiest, most intuitive logbook programme out there.