Well, it’s been a long time between blog posts but a fair bit of water has flown under my personal bridge.

On 31st July, I had a fall (BAC 0.00 in case anyone was wondering) and fractured my first cervical vertebra (C1) with instability of C1 on C2.  In layman’s terms: broken and unstable neck.  In non-layman’s terms: an unstable Jefferson burst fracture.

After several weeks under the expert care of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Spinal Unit (I cannot praise highly enough the professionalism, dedication and compassion of all the staff I encountered there) and with the extraordinary love and resilience of my amazing wife, children, extended family and ever-helpful friends, I have emerged relatively unscathed: alive, with no neurological deficit and thankful for the precious and sometimes precarious gift of life.

A little more Lurch-like in appearance, with a halo pinned into my skull for at least the next 3 months, I am back at the keyboard planning updates to apps.

Thanks for all your patience and support over the last few weeks: as a small token of appreciation, all the app prices are down for September.