Backup strategies for your Vaper logbook

Apple seems to have made backing up your iOS device more and more complicated: What's the difference between 'backing up' and 'syncing'? Should you back up to a PC or iCloud? If backing up to a PC, should it be wirelessly or with a wired connection? If you're...

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Vaper 3.0 features

Although there have been lots of improvements, tweaks and features added to Vaper 3.0, perhaps the biggest new inclusion is the ability to take photos and store them within the logbook.  Take a look...

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Vaper 2.0: Nine top new features

It's been a fair while since the last update to Vaper (April 2011) but there have been some exciting new developments and features added to the programme.  Although there have been many additions and improvements, here is a quick walk through of the top nine features...

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